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An Update and Sexy Second Editions

It’s been a while guys…I know. I always feel a bit guilty about leaving it so long between drinks but when you’re working, doing uni, writing books and publishing, shit is bound to get a bit hectic. Right. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Failed NaNoWriMo but still got a book out of it.

Those who know me know that I’ve never taken failure well even though I seem to be turning it into a spectacular kind of performance art piece in which I live my life. This isn’t a bad thing. Some of the greatest things have happened to me … Continue reading

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Witnessing Father Amorth: “The Vatican Exorcist” at Work and the Pathology Otherwise Known as Possession — Saint Michael’s Journal

by WILLIAM FRIEDKIN for Vanity Fair Sunday morning, May 1 of this year, was Father Amorth’s 91st birthday, but he had no plans to celebrate. He awoke just after dawn, said his usual morning prayers and one to Joseph of … Continue reading

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Weirdness that Happens when writing about Exorcists

Today I sat down to write and do some additional research on a chapter of my new exorcist book only to find the man I was going to mention, the famous Catholic Exorcist Gabriele Amorth had died. I’ve had this … Continue reading

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Purging daily demons: what’s behind the popularity of exorcisms?

At the moment I am working on a new book about a Melbourne Exorcist and I’m being inundated by surprisingly current research on the matter. The following is an article written by Joseph P. Laycock , Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, … Continue reading

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