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WYLT Preview – An Origin Faerie Tale

For the first Wylt preview I thought I would share a faerie tale, found in an ancient book in the library of the Gwaed Lyn estate…. During the beginning of the world, the Great Creator God of the Aos Si … Continue reading

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Free Story- Women in Men’s Waistcoats

Hi Everyone Yes , I know its been ages since a free story! But the good news is that today’s story is a rather long one to make up for it. Women in Men’s Waistcoats was originally written for an … Continue reading

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Free Easter Story – Gethsemane

The second story I’d like to share this month is called Gethsemane. I’m a big fan of retellings of myths and gods and while I hate to use trigger warnings for my works this is a special case; if you … Continue reading

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Free Stories- Bookstore Baker

This month I’m going to do things a little differently and put two short stories up under my Free Stories page. This is the first and it’s a mock fairytale called Book Store Baker. I have a thing with liking … Continue reading

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The Red Shoes – Free Short Story

  The first short story up is The Red Shoes. For those who got the second edition of The Eagle Key you will already be familiar with it but I thought it was a good one to share for others.  This story … Continue reading

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