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I am a Writer right?

Chuck Wendig, the bearded writer guru and gnarly writer, published a great blog over on his kick ass blog Terrible Minds called ‘A Reminder Of What Makes A Real Writer’.  In it he makes this very true point: ‘There exists no one way … Continue reading

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Rare coin from King Antiochus’s rule discovered in Jerusalem

I’m currently studying The Dead Sea Scrolls as a part of my university degree and one of the areas of the Second Temple Period we cover is to do with King Antiochus and the Maccabean revolt. It was such a … Continue reading

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You Need to Check out this Blog – How To Create Art And Make Cool Stuff In A Time Of Trouble

Hey writers Chuck Wendig put up a great blog post today on how to keep creating when the world is crazy and it’s getting to you. I highly recommend you have a read and keep the art love flowing: ‘Art … Continue reading

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Stone Circles, Gothic Mansions and a Touch of the Fae

Hell0 Everyone I kind of owe you all a update on the Land of Amy, a proper one, not just lots of stuff about exorcisms. I’ve been super busy the last eight weeks getting together structural edits on the upcoming … Continue reading

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Purging daily demons: what’s behind the popularity of exorcisms?

At the moment I am working on a new book about a Melbourne Exorcist and I’m being inundated by surprisingly current research on the matter. The following is an article written by Joseph P. Laycock , Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, … Continue reading

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Writing Catch Ups and What Nots

Hi Everyone Long time no chat. I have had a crazy couple of weeks so I thought I’d drop in and debrief on all the stuff thats going on. I feel bad for not being around so much but the … Continue reading

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